Grit Blasting

A process using an abrasive media and compressed air to clean metal surfaces. Grit blasting removes rust corrosion and paint from old metal, and gives a good 'key' for re-coating. Blasting new metal removes mill scale an provides an excellent anchor pattern for coatings. We have a range of blasting machines and appropriate media to allow us to be as delicate or agressive as you need.

Bead Blasting

Using fine glass beads and compressed air for blasting. Excellent on non ferrous metals. Can leave a pleasing satin sheen.

Vapour Blasting

A very delicate, non-abrasive blasting process using water, compressed air and glass beads. Excellent for restoring alloy castings such as carburetters and other engine parts, giving an almost 'better-than-new' appearence.

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