Car Parts

We can blast-clean and re-coat most vehicle parts and accessories. We have had a lot of experience helping people restore parts of their cars, vans, 4WD's, trailers, buses, even trams.

We can:

  1. Grit-blast and re-paint or powder-coat most vehicle parts.
  2. Vapour-blast or bead-blast alloy castings to an almost better-than-new finish.
  3. Blast-clean smaller chassis, and also small body shells (Eg minis).
  4. Grit-blast and re-paint or powder-coat wheels in a range of different finishes.
  5. Simply blast-clean pieces for customers to work on themselves.

2-Pack Paint System

We specialise in restoring classic car parts, applying a high quality epoxy-primer with excellent anti-corrosive properties and a 2-pack polyurathane top coat for a more authentic appearence.

Awaiting pics.